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Josh Anderson is the founder and President of Cardinal Lawns LLC, a fertilizing company that serves over 11,000 Columbus and Akron, Ohio customers since 2014. Josh also serves as a consultant to business owners nationwide through his consulting company, Anderson Training Systems LLC for sales and growth strategies. Anderson Training Systems is an online, cloud based video training platform to progress Green Industry owners specifically for calling center set up, sales and growth training.

Josh has been recognized as building two of the fastest growing privately owned fertilizer companies in the nation utilizing a customer prepay system to self finance the quick growth in new markets. He’s also been recognized by Landscape Management Magazine as a trailblazer for building an R&D company Turfway Lawns LLC, to research retention numbers by studying manager / customer relationships and testing new product technology.

Dow AgroSciences utilized Josh’s R&D company when they launched their new herbicide product called Defendor, which is now one of the top herbicide products among leading companies for preventative broadleaf weed control in the US focused primarily on preventing weeds from blooming during spring. Josh’s R&D company Turfway Lawns LLC, was one of the first company’s in the US to test this product for Dow AgroSciences which provided a way for companies to service thousands of customers quickly in the beginning of the season before soil temperature’s activated the growing process in the turf-grass. Since this testing by Josh’s company, national companies such as Brightview, Davey Tree, Trugreen and Scotts professional services, recently merging with Trugreen have tried this product and still use it today as part of their turf management program.

Josh Hired his first employee when he was 24 years old and by 25 took his first company, Team Green Lawn LLC, to over a million dollars of recurring revenue sales. Less than six years later Team Green Lawn LLC grew to 4.3MM serving over 10,000 clients.

Josh developed a business model that can produce a large volume of sales in multiple markets at the same time but wanted to have a fast-track type of market to base it’s headquarters. The Dayton, Ohio area did not serve his purpose. Josh decided to sell the Dayton and North Cincinnati branches to CD&R, an equity firm that owns Trugreen, in order to put focus on building a larger company based in Columbus, Ohio.

The strategy when Cardinal Lawns LLC was created was to position itself to evolve into a regional company to attract top talent in the industry for it’s continued expansion. Since the development of Cardinal Lawns in late 2014 Josh has produced unparalleled growth with no signs of slowing down.

He resides in Galena, Ohio with his wife Kimberly and 3 girls Paris, Ava and Claire.


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